Lotta Ludwigson

is a slow luxury brand creating timeless business attire for conscious minds with the ambition to make circularity the new norm.

Suits for a Lifetime.

We create long lasting statement pieces going beyond trends and seasons.

0% Polyester. 100% Natural.

​​Innovating for a circular fashion system with our biodegradable suits.

Luxury made Slow.

Consciously designed in Germany, responsibly produced in the EU.

Empowering Business Attire.

Made by women. Made for women.

Our Social Responsibility.

Each order supports an initiative that fosters more equality for girls and women.

Vision for Change.

We aim to change the fashion industry for the better. One suit at a time.


Everything we do starts with sustainability. It is at the heart of our company and the driving force behind it.

About us

Let's design a world beyond waste where resources endlessly flow and clothes are made for a lifetime. Clothes that look good, feel good and do good. Let’s step into the world of circular clothing.