Caring for a wool suit is important to ensure it stays in good condition and lasts for a long time.

Avoid wearing the same suit everyday. As with any other garment made from 100% natural materials, remember to give your suit a break from time to time by rotating your suits regularly.

The way you store your suit has a big impact on its longevity. Always hang your suit on a sturdy hanger with a wide shoulder, and avoid using wire hangers which can damage the fabric in the long run. Make sure your suit is properly buttoned and the trousers are hung on a hanger with a bar along the pleat. Make sure your suit is clean and dry before you store it somewhere where it is protected from direct sunlight, dust, moisture and insects.

NEVER wash or tumble dry your suit. Hang it outside on the air, steam it or if necessary give it to a dry clean service

Steam your suit regularly. Steaming your wool suit can help to remove wrinkles without damaging the fibers. This is particularly useful for suits that have been packed in a suitcase or stored for a long time. Steaming also helps to freshen up the wool fabric and remove unwanted smells. Steaming your suit is a good alternative for dry cleaning. If you do not have a steamer close by, hang it in a steamy bathroom for a few minutes to allow the wrinkles to release.

Dry clean your suit sparingly: Dry cleaning should be done sparingly as it can be harsh on the fabric and lead to fading and shrinking. Instead, spot clean any stains and only dry clean your suit when really necessary (preferably at an eco-friendly dry cleaning service).

Whenever there is a lot of rubbing of natural fibers (for example between the thighs when wearing the trousers), pilling can occur. This is not a sign of poor quality, but rather that it is 100% organic wool without any chemicals. Just use a fabric shaver on these areas if the pilling might show up.

If you want to make some alteration on your suit such as shorten the legs of the pants by some centimeters, try to find a professional tailor to avoid any damage to the fabric.