About the Brand

Start with why

Once we as a society no longer need our clothes, we throw them away. But there is no “away”. 

„Away“ often means that our clothes and thus valuable resources end up illegally in places where they pollute the environment and harm people, animals and nature. In order to end textile waste, we need to stop creating it in the first place and this is always a question of design.

So let's design a world beyond waste where resources endlessly flow and clothes are made for a lifetime. Clothes that look good, feel good and do good. Let’s step into the world of circular clothing.

Our promise is to create timeless and elegant business attire that empowers women to wear their values, offers circular alternatives to conventional clothes and supports women throughout their day-to-day activities - from desk to dinner.

Our Vision

We design for a different economy, paving the way towards circularity by creating clothes that never turn into waste, but into a valuable nutrient to regenerate the soil and empower the people making the clothes as well as the ones wearing it.

We want to challenge the current parameters of design and entrepreneurship now and in the future to create long-lasting positive change.

Questions to be asked

Do we really need another clothing brand? 

The answer is Yes and No. 

We certainly do not need another fashion brand offering fast and ultra fast fashion items of cheap and hazardous materials based on irresponsible labor conditions which will end up as waste after a few wears nor do we need another brand making things that are just a little bit „less bad“ but still keeps on promoting overconsumption.

But we do certainly need brands that care about the way their clothes have been made and take on responsibility towards where they will end up once they are no longer in use. We need brands that design products with several lifecycles in mind and eliminate the very concept of waste. We need brands that think holistically in circles and that are here to empower people and allow them to wear their values. We need brands that pave the way towards new ways of designing and new ways of doing business. This is the reason LOTTA LUDWIGSON came to live. 

You might wonder why business attire and not streetstyle? 

Well, we started out of our very own frustration when desperately looking for a suit that combines a sophisticated and timeless style AND meet our own standard of holistic sustainability. The result: We could not find it. Therefore, we decided to create it ourselves with the aim to serve women in their business day-to-day by offering sustainable alternatives to conventional business clothing. 

We are fully aware that our production also causes emissions as all companies do when producing goods. However, we also know that we are not purely part of the problem, but first and foremost part of the solution: a circular world in which healthy resources endlessly flow,  and the very concept of waste is eliminated. Let’s create alternatives to change the status quo, because without alternatives change can never happen.

Behind the scenes

Hi, we are Nhu-Ha and Charlotte.

Two good friends, former work colleagues from the Berlin startup scene and now co-founders of LOTTA LUDWIGSON. We were both crazy enough to quit our jobs to work full time on our vision of a more circular and responsible fashion industry.


Because we are convinced that the current linear fashion system based on a take-make-waste approach needs to radically change for a liveable and more equal future on planet earth and for many future generations to come.

We want to actively contribute to a circular transformation of the currently broken fashion system by creating meaningful alternatives that combine timeless aesthetics, high-end craftsmanship and responsible entrepreneurship.

What unites us is a heavy portion of idealism, a deep admiration for traditional textile craftsmanship, a sophisticated interest in fashion, art and people, especially the many extraordinary and inspiring women of this world as well as the strong belief that companies - if they act responsibly - can make a valuable contribution to a circular world.

Join us in making this vision come true.

The Name

“Where does your name come from?” “Who of you is Lotta?” “Is Ludwigson really your last name”? “Do you have some Scandinavian roots?” are just a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding our brand name.

The answer is short and sweet: neither of us is really called Lotta Ludwigson. However, the name expresses on many levels what we stand for and what we aim to create: aesthetic and sustainable business wear that empowers women. 

Charlotte, who had the idea of circular business attire already back in 2019, was living in Denmark and Italy at the time. In Italy she learned everything about aesthetics, art and textiles, while in Copenhagen she learned everything about sustainability and the circular economy. These two worlds were to merge in both Lotta (from the Italian name Carlotta) and the Scandinavian-inspired Ludwigson: Aesthetics and sustainability combined and translated into minimalist elegance and feminine simplicity - this is what LOTTA LUDWIGSON stands for.

Who is Ludwig then? 

Ludwig was Charlotte's 106-year-old grandfather, a lifelong incorrigible optimist who always believed that the world could be changed for the better. A way of thinking that we have internalized and that drives us at LOTTA LUDWIGSON day by day.