For this reason, we have teamed up with Nidisi to support the social project Sparśa.

Sparśa is all about menstrual health, menstrual education, female empowerment and circular production in regards to safe, fair, affordable and biodegradable menstruation pads in Nepal.

Due to traditional beliefs, menstruating girls and women in Nepal are considered unclean and defiling. No less than 89% of Nepalese women report that they experience restrictions in connection with their menstruation. The restrictions include, for example, a ban on worshipping or touching men, work, school, water sources, food, plants or animals. Many women have to sleep separately from their families or are banished to certain menstrual huts (the infamous Chhaupadi culture), which has serious physical and psychological consequences. Additionally, it is estimated that over 6.7 million Nepalese women have no access to modern menstrual products, but unhygienic alternatives such as old clothes, dirty rags or even dry leaves in extreme situations, which can lead to serious physical effects.  There is an urgent and sustainable need for action. This is why Sparśa was born. Sparśa is a women-run social enterprise (Sanskrit: touch/sensation) that manufactures and distributes innovative biodegradable menstrual pads made from local banana fibers.

Empowered Women empower women

However, it is not enough to provide Nepalese girls and women with the products they lack. Fair education is the key to breaking the current status quo. Sparśa organizes interactive workshops on menstrual health and gender equality for school children and adults. In the future, these campaigns are to be financed from the surpluses from sanitary pad sales.

Until then we want to support Sparśa with donations. For every LOTTA LUDWIGSON product sold, we donate approx. 1% of the sales price to Sparsa. We declare the specific amount in our price transparency section of each LOTTA LUDWIGSON product in our online shop.

Together we continue our mission to empower women and foster circularity.